Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ramadan Death Count: Burkina Faso: 22/05/17

(Ouagadougou) Burkina Faso security forces killed three Islamist terrorists and arrested one more on Tuesday morning in an operation in the capital Ouagadougou, One gendarme was killed and four others wounded in the fighting in Ouagadougou’s Ragnongo neighbourhood, while one civilian was also injured.

Ramadan death toll stands at 112.

Saudi Arabia: Airliner lands without nose-wheel.

(Jeddah)  151 very lucky passengers and 10 crew members of Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV3818, must be thanking their luckystars after their flight from Medina headed for Dhaka Airport in Bangladesh was diverted to  King Abdul Aziz airport in Jeddah after suffering a malfunction with the front landing gear on Monday evening. After flying around burning off fuel for several hours, they landed with the nose wheel up. 52 passengers suffered minor injuries and another was left with fractures. Give that pilot a cigar. 

Ramadan Death Count: Chechnya : 22/05/17

(Grozny ) On Saturday 4 armed men attacked St. Michael the Archangel's Church in the Chechen capital Grozny during a service. Thankfully those inside managed to shut the door in time and in the insuring gun fight with police stationed outside the church all 4 attackers were killed, however 2 policemen, and 1 church goer were killed, another 2 policemen were injured. 

Ramadan death toll stands at 108.

Ramadan Death Count: Iraq: 22/05/17

(KurdistanTwo Turkish soldiers were killed during an attack by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants in northern Iraq, two other soldiers were also wounded in the attack. The Turkish army has also revealed that 5 PKK militants including two on a wanted list have been killed during the same  operation.

(Mosul ) Two security personnel were killed in an armed attack launched by Islamic State members, in Iblig village in Sinjar town, northwest of Mosul.

(Anbar)  An explosive charge planted by ISIS  on the side of a road in Al-Qa’im district near the Syrian borders went off while a police vehicle was patrolling the area, leaving a policeman killed and three others injured.

(Baghdad)  An Iraqi civilian was killed Monday in a targeted terrorist bomb attack in the al-Tarmia district of the Iraqi capital.

(Anbar) Iraqi Army jets targeted an Islamic State haven in Wadi al-Mahrouk region, north of Rawa city, on Sunday. Six ISIS terrorists were killed.

Ramadan death toll stands at 101.

Ramadan Death Count: Yemen: 22/05/17

(Marib) Five people, including children, were killed, and 18 injured when Houthi forces fired a Katyusha rocket on Marib city in central Yemen on Monday.

Ramadan death toll stands at 84.

Ramadan Death Count: Afghanstan: 22/05/17

(Kabul) At least 14 police personnel were killed after the Taliban attacked security forces in eastern Afghanistan’s Ghazni province on Monday night.

In Farah province, at least 14 Taliban terrorists were taken out by an Afghan airforce airstrike.

In southern Kandahar province it has been reported that 5 men employed as deminers working to clear an area that will be part of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline project were shot dead by unknown gunmen on Monday.

(Kandahar) At least 16 people, including security personnel and bystanders, were killed on Tuesday as bomb disposal experts tried and failed to defuse explosives in a parked car in the southern city of Kandahar, the car had been parked in an auto repair garage in the centre of the city. Four of the 16 people killed were members of the security forces, with an additional 38 people wounded.

Ramadan death toll stands at 79

Ramadan Death Count: Sudan: 22/05/17

(Darfur)  A woman was killed and several others injured when a Sudanese army convoy took a wrong turning and ended up inside a refugee camp. The inhabitants took umbrage at seeing so many of their oppressors and blocked their way, resulting in the troops from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) opening fire in which to disperse the hostile crowd.  The victim was taken to a local medical centre where she passed away. 

Ramadan death toll stands at 30

Ramadan Death Count: Niger: 22/05/17

(Niger) At least 17 civilians of the Peuhle community were killed Friday night in the Niger locality of Aguey near the Malian border by armed bandits. According to local officials and media, the attack was perpetrated by young Tuaregs from neighbouring Mali on board several motorcycles.

Ramadan death toll stands at 29

Ramadan Death Count: Mali: 22/05/17

(Mali) Well its that time of year again where the faithful spend an entire Luna month reading the Koran, abstaining from bad thoughts, food, and of course killing people. Which is why on Sunday armed gunmen who targeted a lone soldier in the Northern town of Boulekessi resulted in 12 other people getting killed.

Happy Ramadan everyone.

Ramadan death toll stands at 12

Monday, May 21, 2018

France: Armed men make clean getaway with kidnapped man after shoot-out with police.

(Marseille)  On Monday at around 5pm hooded men armed with Kalashnikov semi-automatic rifles who arrived in three cars decided to shoot up  La Busserine a notorious deprived, crime-ridden French housing estate that has given Marseille its reputation as France’s most crime ridden and dangerous city injuring one person who was struck in the head with a rifle butt

Apparently the gunmen were searching for somebody and they weren’t going to take no for an answer from anybody, and were quite happy to fire on others in which to send their message that they were in control. Which explains why when the police turned up, they decided to have a shoot out with them. This allowed them to make their escape after having kidnapped somebody.  French police are still ruminating whether to refer this incident as a terrorist one.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Interlude:Marshall Hain - Dancing In The City

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gaza: Hamas admit that 50 of the 62 people killed by the IDF were Hamas gunmen

(Gaza) The world as usual is currently is venting its spleen over the killing of 62 people on the Israeli/Gaza border. The message they are sending is that all these people are poor starving innocent children who simply want what is there's (Israel)  and the nasty Joos are stopping them from claiming their so called birthright. Well now the dust has cleared Hamas Political Bureau Member Salah Al-Bardawil  speaking on Gaza’s Baladna TV  yesterday (May 16th)  responded to allegations that Hamas was sending children to die on the border. He states:

That of the 62 people killed in clashes along the Gaza border on May 14, 50 were from Hamas.
Funny how no other media outlet has mentioned this.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Somalia: Terrorist extortion attempt sees 13 of them killed.

(Mogadishu) Al Shabab terrorists bit off more than they could chew on Saturday when villagers refused an earlier order by the Islamic terrorists where they demanded the  local pastoralists to hand over some of their livestock as a zakat demand, or religious tax,"

So at 7am local time the terrorists attacked Halfoley, a rural village near the town of Jalalaqsi, in the Hiran region. in which to express to everybody how unhappy Allah was with them regards how they had refused a religious demand.  However the villagers were having none of this 'We are all Muslims crap' and met the pious terrorists with gunfire, they in turn were reinforced by a detachment of the Somali military and 5 hours later, 13 terrorists were pushing up daisies .

Indonesia :Another family suicide attack rocks the country.

(Surabaya) Less than 24 hours after a family of 6 carried out suicide attacks on 3 Roman Catholic churches across Indonesia’s second city.  The country has been rocked by yet another suicide attack carried out by another family on the police headquarters in the same city.

Video footage of the latest attack on the police headquarters shows two motorbikes approaching a checkpoint just before the blast. Six civilians and four police officers were injured. Miraculously the suicide bombers  eight-year-old daughter who had been wedged between her mother and father on the motorbike as they carried out the attack survived the latest attack.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Austria: To cancel the Austrian citizenship of Turks holding dual citizenship,

(Wien) The Austrian Government has approved the decision to cancel the Austrian citizenship of Turks holding dual citizenship. The decision follows a move by Austria’s Interior Ministry to crack down on dual citizenship, which is illegal in the country, except in very few cases. The issue of Turkish citizenship was cast into question during Turkey’s 2017 presidential referendum, where of the 95,000 Austria-based voters, 73 percent supported the push for constitutional change in Turkey.

Israel: Prepares for mass invasion from Gaza set to inflame liberals the world over.

(Jerusalem)  Tomorrow is May 15 or "Nakba Day" the day the Islamic world screams out to anybody who will listen regards the so called  refugee issue in the Levant. You know that one where they lament the status of around  700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled from Israel following the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.  Whilst they wax lyrical about the Palestinians who left Israel, they conveniently leave out how when Israel declared independence in 1948 it was invaded by 5 different countries: Egypt, Jordan,Syria, Lebanon and Iraq whose mission statement was to push the Jews into the sea, and in order to do so, they informed all the local Palestinians to get out of the way of their armies and then return when the job was done. The thing is, they lost.

Not only that but around the same time virtually all the Islamic countries in the world kicked out their jews which funny enough numbered around the 700,000 figure and yet nobody mentions these people.
Unlike Israel which quickly assimilated all these Jewish refugees and afforded them citizenship, the Arab countries which told the Palestinians to get out of the way and now found them relocated to their countries not only refused to afford them citizenship, they treated them like dirt. However in order to deflect attention from how actually they were the architects for the plight of the Palestinians , they instead blamed the Jew. Which is where I came in with Nakba day.
Hamas is the ruler of Gaza, due to their mismanagement of the tiny state, the situation inside Gaza is dire , Water , electricity is intermittent  building materials meant for building homes are diverted to build tunnels. Aid money ends up in the private bank accounts of Hamas leaders and the plebs aren't happy. So like all the Arabs  nations in the neighbourhood, Hamas has blamed the Jew, and they have done so by claiming that the poor lot of the peoples of Gaza is simply due to Israel stealing the land of the Palestinians. which is where the "Great March of Return" protests come in. 
As we have seen, Hamas has been sending the young to attack the border fence  in which to get Israel to retaliate and polarise the world against them.  Tomorrow Hamas is planning on sending hundreds of thousands of Gazans to invade Israel , something no country (other than Germany and Sweden)  will allow, knowing full well Israel will not allow this to happen, resulting in mass deaths. (Funny enough whilst Hamas is sending the plebs to die on the border, their leadership is having a good time in Eygpt)

Tomorrow people will die on the Gaza/Israeli border simply because Hamas has fucked up in running Gaza and instead of doing the right thing and resigning , they instead intend to divert attention away from their mismanagement by having Israel kill and injure people as they march on and breech the Israeli border. But the worse part, the world will blame the Jew.  

Belgium: Old man and son attacked for drinking Alcohol outside a Halal cafe

(Antwerp)  On Saturday evening the staff of Express Pita (A Halal fast food joint) situated in the Rooseveltplaats area of Antwerp took offence at how a middle aged man and his son had started to drink alcohol with their meal outside in the terrace. So in the time honoured way of the faithful they expressed their displeasure as only the faithful can

Both men were admitted to Hospital for injuries sustained by really peaceful people enforcing their religious bigotry onto  others.

Brazil: Armed robber shot dead after picking the wrong school mums to rob.

(Cruzeiro do Sul)  A 21 year old gunman presumed that a mothers days concert at a local school in Brazil would afford easy picking.

As the Mothers congregated outside the school with their children he approached firing a round and demanded money.  Unfortunately for him, one of the mothers was an off duty policewoman and she was armed . The gunman later died of his injuries.
It appears the gunman found out the hard way that there is nothing more deadlier than the female when protecting her children.

Israel: Targets yet another Hamas Terror Tunnel

(Gaza)  For a bunch of people who hate everything about the Jewish state, Hamas the peaceful thugs spend a lot of time and effort in trying to enter Israel on the QT. As of late the IDF have got very good at spotting Allahs favourite gophers and destroying months of hard work at the drop of a 2000lb bomb.  Which is what transpired last night when an air strike near the Gaza/Israel border saw yet another Hamas terror tunnel taken out.

Indonesia: Entire family carries out suicide bomb attacks on 3 Churches, 11 dead, 40 injured.

(Surabaya) Last night in Indonesia saw 3 churches blown up resulting in the deaths of 11 people and injuring at least 40 more in an ISIS attack on people carrying out Sunday morning mass.
Police have revealed that the attacks were all the work of one really messed up family with the the family's father carrying out one of the attacks by exploding a car bomb, while the man's two sons, aged 18 and 16, used a motorbike in their attack. Their mother carried out another attack with her two children, aged 12 and nine.

Anybody want to explain the mindset to me which can have you blow up your children, against people of a different faith minding their own business. Because for the life in me, I can't get my head around this one.

France: Allah ackba knife man rampages through Paris kills 1 injures 4

(Paris) Last night saw yet another terrorist attacks on the streets of Paris when Chechen Khamzat Asimov decided to wage war on the infidel in the Opéra district of Paris killing 1 and injuring 4 more. He then bumped into a number of policemen who tried to trazer him, when that failed, they pulled out their 9 mm pistols in which to put down this rabid creature.

As Ramadan is just a few days away, I can only presume this idiot was sating his blood lust before it started, so as to be promised a spot in Hell' with his 79 raisins.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sweden: Town ok's the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcasted by speaker..bans Church bells.

(Växjö)  This week the council in a small Swedish town ok’d a request by the local Islamic community in which to afford them the right to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer from loudspeakers for all to hear.  This decision hasn’t gone down well with a lot of Swedes, who feel that the country is losing its Christian identity due to political correctness.

Well , that above just became a lot more contentious when the vicar of a nearby church has revealed that the very same council which rubber-stamped the call to prayer have twice refused the church to sound its bell  in which to mark mark Sunday services and special occasions like funerals.

Isn't it a strange state of affairs when the people who pay the wages of these councillors are abandoned on the altar of political correctness  in which to remake a stable and successful country into a third-world shit hole. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Interlude:Dee D Jackson 'Automatic Lover'

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Syria: About the effectiveness of the Syrian air defence system.

(Damascus) These past few months the world has been regaled to just effective the Syrian air defence system is. I mean every time the IDF strikes them, we are informed that most of the missiles were shot down by the super-dooper Russian missiles systems that Syria has on its books. However what is always overlooked is how that one missile which did get through managed to wipe out 13 or so targets.

We saw this again the other week when the US,UK and France took out Syrian chemical depots, the Russians and Syrians waxed lyrical to the world that of the 103 missiles fired against the Assad regime, 71 were shot down.  Yet the fact remains is not only were the Russian depots wiped off the face of the map, but the radar elements of the Anti-Aircraft missile systems where surgically erased from the face of the planet by US  .

And so it was last night . The Syrian media extolled the fact that the vast majority of missiles fired against it were shot down, but the few that did get through  took out 50+ targets. The funny thing is, the IDF has just released a video of a strike against a SA22  Pantsir-S1 missile/gun system one of the newest and most advanced in the world, the thing is it not only failed to take out any incoming missiles, it failed to take out the one which destroyed it.

UK: 17 Year old teen girl in court on ISIS attack charges.

(London)  Currently in the Uk we have a really strange case of how Safaa Boulara a 17 year old girl who fell in love via the net with an ISIS terrorist based in Syria and who dreamed of walking hand in hand with him whilst both wore suicide vests to their deaths, however she saw her dream dashed when he was killed in Syria by the Americans.

Safaa Boulara
So she decided to make the British people for his death by carrying out a terrorist attack on the British Museum.  Ok, I can accept that some love lorn people can do the most stupid things, but this is where it becomes even crazier . Her 44 year old mum and her 22 year old sister both offered to help her carry out said terrorist attack . 
Mina Dich the mother

Rizlaine Boular, the older sister 
Thankfully the old bill picked these 3 up , which is why they are currently under lock and key on trial. But hey 'the things we do for love':

South Africa: 3 Egyptians sought after 3 throats slit at Mosque

(Verulam)  A huge manhunt is underway in South Africa after 3 worshippers had their throats slit during prayers at the local mosque north of the city of Durban today.  Unfortunately 1 man has succumb to his wounds.

Police are currently searching for 3 Egyptians who made their getaway in a car.  

Syria: Israel strikes back at Iranian assets inside Syria.

(Damascus)  Israel retaliated quickly this morning against Iranian and Hezb-allah assets close to its border after the Iranians decided to launch 20 missiles against military posts in the Golan heights.

Israel’s response was the most significant strike in Syria since the Yom Kippur war in 1973. It follows a months-long shadow war in which Israel has been accused of repeated strikes in Syria, the latest of which was on Tuesday night. Its military said it had attacked dozens of targets included weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centres used by Iranian forces. Israel has carried out other airstrikes in Syria since the civil war began in 2011, but the latest overnight raids were the most intense to date.

Remnants of the some of the weapons used by Israel this morning point to the SPIKE Non-line of sight (NOS) missile.
A long range highly accurate missile which was developed after the Yom Kippur war of 1973 in which to allow the IDF tackle massive enemy formations from a safe distance and under cover.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Israel: Iran fires rocket barrage at Golan Heights

(Tel Aviv) In the early hours of Thursday morning, Iranian forces based inside Syria launched  a barrage of around 20 missiles at Israeli army positions on the Golan Heights.  

No damage has been reported with a number of missiles intercepted (Iron dome uses advance software to only intercepts missiles which may cause damage.) However the point to note is classic Hezb-allah tactics (as taught to them by Iran) is to use the cover of a missile strike in which to mask your real intention. 20 Missiles is nothing, either Iran has a missile shortage in theatre (which could explain the huge explosion the other night) or they are going to launch 20 a night for a while in which to keep the IDF busy while the mad mullahs do their thing. Or seeing as how the rockets were fired from the middle of a residential area. The Iranians were hoping for a counter strike to kill lots of people.

Belgium: New Iman Training manuals at the Grand Mosque of Brussels advocate jihad

(Brussels) A report by the Organ for Coordinating Threat Analysis (“OCAM”) (which replaces the Mixed Anti-Terrorism Group inside Belgium in 2006 ) into the background of the 2016 Brussels Attacks which saw 32 people murdered and another 340 injured have revealed some very disturbing facts.

The report which was recently submitted to the Parliamentary Review Committee for the Implications of the Brussels Attacks has revealed that the training of imams, delivered in Arabic, within the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (known as “the CICB”), which houses the Grand Mosque of Brussels, is currently inciting followers to enter into armed jihad. They are also being encouraged to persecute homosexuals and hold anti-Semitic views.

And the academics for the life in them cannot understand why there are so many no-go areas for non-Muslims in the county ,or why so many people from Belgium have turned to a life of unholy jihad.

US: Catholic university opens sex-segregated prayer space for Muslim students

(Davenport)  So St. Ambrose University in Davenport opened a new prayer space Tuesday for its Islamic students .  Nothing in my eyes wrong with that, if they want to pray let them. Yes there will be some who opine that in Muslims countries the reverse would not happen and that a catholic college shouldn’t be pandering to..Muslims. But hey we live in a free society and this is how we do things over here.

But one thing about the above did bother me. The prayer room, features ” sinks for ritual foot-washing,” as well as “separate areas for male and female worshippers, as  Islamic tradition calls for different prayer areas for each sex.” Excuse me, separate areas for men and women, why, in the West we pride ourselves on sexual equality, yet we excuse sexual segregation under the flag of political correctness. Can you imagine the outcry if any teaching establishment in the West expressed a bias agaisnt females, yet this is what is happening under the auspices of..Islam. It shouldn't be happened and yet for some very strange reason the feminazis who love to scream foul play at anything which places the fairer sex at a disadvantage, remain silent on the biggest group of misogynists going.

Italy: Failed refugees sue Rome for supporting Libya’s coastguard which stopped them travelling to Europe.

(Rome) Nigerian migrants who failed to cross from Africa to Italy last year have filed a lawsuit against Italy for violating their rights by supporting Libya’s efforts to stop them sailing across to Europe. It appears the numerous NGOs who precipitated the huge exodus by hundreds of thousands of migrants to take to the sea in overcrowded rafts and boats so they could they could be picked up a few miles off the Libyan coast and taken to Europe in which to start a new life aren’t happy at how Italy has supported the Libyan coastguard (LCG) by supplying boats and advice in which to stem that tide .

The newly invigorated Libyan coast guard have cut the number of people trying to get to Europe by sea by more than 80 percent this past year seeing only 6,700 attempting to cross. Over the same period, the Libyan Coast Guard intercepted almost 6,000 migrants and refugees. In 2017, the Libyans turned back almost 19,000. One of the methods used by the LCG has been to ban so called private rescue ship from Libyan waters. The NGOs claim they are putting lives at risk, in reply the LCG says, they have saved lives by removing the draw of a taxis service parked a few miles off shore which has attracted hundreds of thousands to make the journey.

Migrants being rescued by German NGO ship “Juventa” 

So in order to open up the flood gates to Europe again, a so called Human right action group ‘Global Legal Action Network,’ has decided to support 7 failed Nigerian Migrants who were intercepted by the LCG, returned to shore and then back to Nigeria. They are claiming Italy has acted illegally by:
“Using the Libyan Coast Guard as a proxy to turn back migrant boats is just a new way of camouflaging (Italy’s) strategy of fighting irregular migration in the Mediterranean by trapping them in what the Italian Foreign Ministry itself has qualified as ‘the hell’ of Libya,”
In other words they feel their human rights have been broached by how they were caught trying to get into Europe illegally by Libyans in Libyan territory and then returned back to their home countries by the UN. (Usually by air with $200 dollars spending money in their pocket)

If they win their case at the European Court of Human Rights, they are set to win millions in damages, see any support the EU gives to Libya in which to stop virtually millions of Economic migrants from the third world travelling to Europe stopped and risk thousands of drowning at sea as the floodgates are opened once again.

Just what is it about human rights groups and their penchant for promoting misery for all.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Syria: An hour after Trump cancels Iran deal, explosions heard in Syria.

(Damascus) 1 hour after  President Trump said the US would quit the Iran nuclear deal. The Israeli military says it has detected "irregular Iranian activity" in Syria and has told authorities in the Golan Heights to open and prepare bomb shelters.

This was followed by reports of explosions at an Iranian military communications base to the south of Damascus.

Germany: On the run Nazis Grandma arrested.

(Vlotho)  89  year old Ursula Haverbeck, has over the years racked up a string of convictions related to Holocaust denial, which in Germany is a criminal offence.For years she and her husband (former Nazis) walked a fine in denouncing  the holocaust as a lie . He followed his ugly master to hell in 1999 and bitch features took up the mantle of spreading hate as only those with an extra chromosome can. For some strange reason for all her promotion of the Nazis cause she remained out of prison. She was in the dock in 2004,2005,2007,2009, in all those cases she was simply fined , she went quiet for 6 years but like all village idiots she presumed she was above the law and in 2015 she was back in court after waxing lyric on national TV that:
"this Holocaust" as "the biggest and most persistent lie in history"
In November 15, after being found guilty, she was sentenced to ten months in prison. But due to her age her sentence was suspended. In September 2016, she was sentenced to ten months imprisonment for sedition, without the option for parole, (Suspended)  In October, she was sentenced to 11 months in Bad Oeynhausen for incitement to hate. In court again, the next month, she was sentenced in to 2​1⁄2 years in jail for sedition. It appears that her constant disregard of the very liberal law in Germany gave her this belief that she was bulletproof, so she must have crapped herself when on the sixth jail sentence she received , she was told to report to her local prison on the 4th May. "Nazi-Oma," meaning "Nazi Grandma as the press have named didn't turn up and so an arrest warrant was issued and today she was nicked. at 89 years of age she can follow in the steps of her Nazis heroes and die in prison.

Kenya: Police Issues Terror Warning regards Ramadan

(Nairobi)  Ramadan begins next week, that so called month of contrition, self-sacrifice and charity which all Muslims must endure in which to make the world better place.  Yet the fact remains the holiest month in the Islamic calendar is also the bloodiest , which is why the Kenya police today issued a warning to all Kenyans to be on their guard as of next Tuesday for the next 30 days.  
“As we approach the holy month of Ramadan set to begin from 15th May 2018, terror groups have issued alerts urging their members to set up attacks during this period. The main terrorist groups ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Al-Shabaab have all issued ‘fatwas’ calling for increased attacks during the holy month,”

Monday, May 7, 2018

Venezuela:Inflation hits 13,779 percent

(Caracas) Across the free world the younger generation have this belief that the answer to all their problems is socialism . In the Uk, Labour the socialist opposition party promised loads of giveaways before last years general election:

  • The voting age would be reduced to 16.
  • Tuition fees would be scrapped.
  • Weekly EMA payments (Cash handouts to children aged between 16-19 not at University)  but in education
  • Cheap rail travel for adults up to the age of 30
  • Free bus travel up to the age of 25
  • Raise the tax level for those earning over £150K a year to 50p in the pound.
There was lots more, follow Costa Rica and scrap the countries defence, close all links with Israel and the US, join up with Russia. Open the Uk borders and allow anybody who wants to come here to be allowed to, Nationalise British industries, which is why Labour increased its % of the vote, but still lost .

Well, across the water in Venezuela, they have been doing exactly what Labour would love to do if they came into power.  and now 19 years later the fruits of that socialist dream are paying dividends: The country which has the largest oil deposits in the world is broke,  after everything was nationalised nobody could be bothered to work as hard they used to (still going to get paid)  and so everything started falling apart. It suffers daily power,water and food shortages, when the media mentioned this, the reporters were arrested, and private Newspapers and TV stations closed down. When the people protested, troops took to the street and protested. In order to remain in power 

Now it has been reported that inflation in the country has rose by 13,779 percent in the past year.

Funny enough if you mention the fall of oil rich Venezuela to all the European Socialists who wish to follow in its steps, they simply reply:  
"They aren't haven't implemented socialism correctly "

Scotland: Syrian stabbed six times in racist attack.

(Edinburgh)  25 year old Syrian asylum seeker was attacked and stabbed 6 times by a racist gang in the hostel he calls home at Midnight last Thursday. The gang of 4 (2 males, two females) started attacking his female cousin and when he went downstairs to her floor, he was set upon by the gang of thugs who first abused him regards his immigration status and then as only thugs can do, stabbed him.

A 17 year old thug who no doubt will be shitting himself over what a victim he is, has been arrested.

Afghanistan: Police shoot dead suicide bomber who tried to target a blood bank.

(Kabul)  Afghan police have shot dead a suicide bomber as he was apparently preparing to attack an outdoor blood-donor facility in central Kabul.

Police opened fire on the man when they spotted that he was wearing an explosives-packed suicide vest.  Apparently the  man was walking towards a tent at a park in Kabul’s Shar-e Naw commercial district where volunteer health workers were collecting blood for survivors of a previous double suicide bombing when he was spotted . The bomber idiot was the only person killed.

What kind of dickhead targets a blood drive?

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Gaza: Behind The Smoke Screen

Pierre Rehov has taken the time to knock out a little video regards Hamas and their current plan of action against the Jews next door.

Somalia: 7 Kenyan soldiers killed in IED blast.

(Dhobley) At least seven Kenyan soldiers serving in the African Union inside Somalai have been killed killed and two others seriously injured after a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) targeted a military vehicle near the town of Dhobley near the border with Kenya.

The vehicle was in a convoy on patrol when it was hit by the IED, causing a massive explosion. Al Shabaab has immediately claimed the responsibility for attack

India: 7 Muslims killed after they riot over 5 terrorists being taken out.

(Badigam village)  On Friday 33 year old assistant professor Mohammad Rafi Bhat at Kashmir University decided that he has , had enough of being a teacher and that being a terrorist is what he really wanted to be, so picking up a gun he and 4 others decided to take on the Indian army.

Unfortunately for them,  the army knew where they were meeting and surrounded the building they were at and asked them every so nicely (Including bringing Mohammeds father to ask him to surrender)  if they would like to leave, they emulating Jimmy Cagney, replied:
“Come and get me copper”
Which they did and 5 Pakistani funded terrorists ended up as worm food. Meanwhile when the local Muslim community heard that 5 blood thirsty Islamic terrorists were surrounded they took to the streets in which to try and distract the security forces enough so their terrorist kin could make a quick getaway (As has happened in the past)   However the Indian security forces have become wise to this tactic and used shotguns in which to disperse these poor followers of a religion of peace resulting in 7 killed and a few hundred injured. Well that’s what happens when you subscribe to an intolerant faith which quite happy defends Islamic terrorism. Oh I do love a story with a happy ending.

France: African thug attacks Chinese man sat on ground and then

(Paris)  For some very strange reason the African community in Paris has taken to attacking the even smaller Chinese community. Last November China made an official complaint after 40 Chinese tourists were tear gassed and robbed by the followers of a very peaceful religion whose only contribution to mankind of late is murder, death kill whilst complaining what victims they are. That attitude towards non-Muslims is illuminated perfectly with the following video clip of a African thug attacking a seated Chinese man.

Problem for the thug, is he should have looked to his right.

Afghanistan: Bomb attack on Mosque kills 10 injures 29

(Khost)  At least 10 people have been killed and another 29 injured after a bomb was detonated at a mosque the explosion took place in the afternoon, when people had gathered in the building for afternoon prayers.

It never fails to amaze me how when the US occidentally strike a mosque, there's a huge outpouring of condemnation from across the liberal and Islamic world. Yet when a terrorist sorry militant group does so (quite often actually) nobody bar the victims bothers opining. That people is the will of Allah.

Gaza: 6 poor terrorists blow themselves up, Hamas blames...Isreal

(Zawayda) Last night , somebody from Hamas’s engineering unit which I presume means bomb maker answered the wrong phone and blew up the building killing 6 of Hamas’s finest.  The IDF not known for mentioning when they have bombed somebody, reported that the blast had nothing to do with them. But as we are taking about the followers of the religion of honesty, peace, understanding and of course talking crap. 

The message can’t be promulgated that this was Allahs will, so the public relation  wing of the Terrorist group known as 'Hamas' knocked out a statement where they blamed the Jew. (What’s new)
"During a complicated security and intelligence operation conducted by Qassam Brigades to investigate a serious and a grave security incident conducted by the Zionist enemy against Palestinian resistance, a deplorable crime took place against our Mujahideen in the area of Zawayda in central Gaza Strip,"
Talk about convoluted or what.Me, I would have simply reported: “Thing’s that make you go boom!”

Netherlands: Knife-man goes on rampage stabs 3 people, loses when the Police bring guns to the argument.

(den haag) So yesterday millions of dutch people celebrated the liberation of the country from the hands of the Nazis. However for one person it was a little too much and so at around 1530 he took a knife down to the central train station at the Hague and  started attacking people with it.

Within minutes he was surrounded by the police and taking no chances simply shot him in the legs. Police say they have arrested a man for…“confused behaviour”. Really ?

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Russia: Anti-Putin protests - more than 1,000 detained

(Moscow) Protests against Vladimir Putin ahead of his inauguration for a fourth presidential term have taken place across Russia. 65 year old Putin has been in power, either as president or prime minister, since 2000 was re-elected in a landslide victory in March - extending his grip over the world's largest country until 2024. The strange thing is whilst Putin received 76% of the electoral vote, it has since been revealed that ballot rigging towards Putin took place on a grand scale.

Which is why todays protesters  are claiming that Putin is more of a tsar than an democratic leader.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny (who was banned from standing in the election) was detained at a rally in central Moscow, while more than a thousand of his supporters were reported to have been arrested during protests across the country and to think that the Russian revolution transpired to get rid of corruption and hand power back to the people.

US: Brietta Brown seeks Allahs forgiveness for Bus knife attack.

(Amherst) On Wednesday  26 year old Brietta Brown, boarded the B43 bus at Haigis Mall . 

Then as the vehicle got underway she pulled out a knife and slashed the throats of 2 innocent people. She was subdued by the Bus driver and the rest of the passengers and waited for the police to arrive. When they did Brown stated:
‘I hope Allah will forgive me’
On being placed in the squad car she started praying to Allah and continued to do so at the Police station.  Who simply placed her in a cell until she finished with her religious outporing.  Hgowever Her behaviour became more erratic where she started to drink toilet water, and asked multiple officers to shoot her in the head and referred to herself in the third person.

Brietta Brown,
She is currently being evaluated for a mental health condition, but will be charged with two counts of attempted murder, assault and battery and disturbing the peace.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Luxembourg : Naked migrant goes on rampage.

(Limpertsberg)  In the aptly named suburb of Lim-ert-berg in Luxemburg.

A naked migrant decided to go on the rampage whilst naked. After attacking 3 people he was picked up by the police.

Australia: Wife of Jailed terrorist gives ISIS salute after being charged for contempt of court

(Sydney) 50 year old Moutia Elzahed is one of two wives  of Islamic State thug Hamid Alqudsi currently bending over 5 times a day (Picking up the dropped soap so he says) in an Australian prison. After his arrest Elzahed tried to sue the state and federal governments over claims of police violence during a raid on her Sydney home two years earlier. She was unsuccessful in that endeavour when she  lost her civil action and was ordered to pay $250,000 in police legal costs. However how she acted in court during those proceedings when she refused to stand for the judge or even show her face (Despite the Australian National Imams Council stating that Islamic defendants have no faith-based reason not to stand before a judge or uncover their faces while giving testimony.) is now going to add a loss of freedom to that $250K court costs.
Elzahed who tried to play the victim card in which to excuse her actions by claiming she receives abuse for being a Muslim, dug herself even deeper into a hole as she left court yesterday when she gave the ISIS salute in a infantile petty form of defiance.  She will be sentenced next month.

Interlude:Abba - Mamma Mia

Thursday, May 3, 2018

So what really did happen in Korea the other week?

Libya: Suicide attack on electoral commission kills 14

(Tripoli) At least 14 people were killed and seven wounded when terrorists stormed the headquarters of Libya's electoral commission in downtown Tripoli, spraying office workers with gunfire before two of the attackers blew themselves up on Wednesday.

The attack appears designed to set back and derail plans for Libya to hold elections and end its protracted civil war  and transpired just two days after the Libya Quartet, a gathering of the League of Arab States, Africa Union, European Union and United Nations envoys met in Cairo to declare Libya was ready for elections. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

Libyan police check the damage at the Libyan electoral commission headquarters after the attack.
Funny how those who claim to have the support of the people are more than happy to kill in which to deny them to vote who they actually want to run the country.

Afghanistan: 45 school girls gassed by religious bigots who object to their schooling

(Kabul)  Yesterday up to 45 school girls from Banan Middle School in the Afghan district of Khwaja Bahauddin  were poisoned by gas in their classrooms and have been taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. 

Yup it appears that the people the left deem as only victims and who we must all bend over backwards to in the non-Islamic west have shown how they feel about the education of women in areas they control.  Funny how those female propagandists for Sharia law in the west, who have benefited from the western rule of law which affords them equality never seem to mention how woman are treated under the diktats of Sharia law. 

Syria: Just how accurate that US strike was

(Damascus)  Shayrat Airbase home to the Syrian Air Force 50th Air Brigade located in Homs. It has two runways and around 40 hardened aircraft shelters. It was also one of the targets of the US strike carried out last month. The latest satellite photos show exactly how accurate that strike was, by revealing that the US took out out the radars for the Syrian air defence system prior to the full attack, which kind of rubbishes the Russian and Syrian claims that they shot down 71 out of the 103 missiles launched.

The straight flush radar is the eyes for the SA-6 Gainful batteries which inflicted a heavy toll on Israeli aircraft during the Yom Kippur War.

The accuracy of the missile strikes against the radar vehicles  (As seen above)  will give the Russians (As well as the Syrians and Iranians) pause to thought.